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"I make porcelain dinnerware, mostly thrown.

I love doing it and am constantly inspired to improve my work. I love the challenge of making well designed, functional ware which is translucent and not warped.

I’m inspired by the use of the pots, for making or serving that perfect dish, for sharing with friends and family. For me, that’s what it’s all about; meals with loved ones as well as taking time and care for meals alone.

I love making dishes for specific foods and I like my dinnerware to stack well and sometimes to invert and be multifunctional. Since college days, I’ve been inspired by plates which serve as lids, so that bowls and cups can be covered, and lids can work as bowls.

My porcelain is mostly wheel thrown in small series. I repeat styles but each pot will be unique. Sets are limited but not identical and should be sold together. 

Travels to the Seychelles, Peru, the Karoo, the Cederberg as well as seascapes and landscapes of wintery Fraser River feature in my brushwork. In Tokai I'm finding endless new inspiration in Nature.

I love developing new functional shapes and styles of decoration and I enjoy using my porcelain every day, and constantly criticize and evaluate and refine or redesign."

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